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At Jonas Bronck Academy (JBA) our students become scholars and their families become part of our larger JBA family. We create an environment where scholars challenge, question, and learn to think critically. We create a safe haven where scholars feel secure, and supported, and understand the importance of community. JBA is a school where we model respect, integrity, and perseverance for everyone so that the children we serve have professional role models. Parents and guardians are our partners and their presence in our school, and their support at home are critical and essential to each scholar's success. We work to prepare scholars to live the future of their dreams. JBA is the opportunity of a lifetime.



Middle School Algebra ACC, Middle School Living Environment ACC, World Languages (Middle School)



Algebra I, Art, Coding, Dance, Fine Arts, Fitness, Foreign Language, Game Design, Health, Living Environment, Music, National Junior Honor Society, Newspaper, Physical Education, Regents Living Environment, Student Council, Technology, Yearbook

Middle School Info Session

If you are interested in applying to Jonas Bronck Academy, it is recommended to attend an Info Session

English Sessions 

Si usted esta interasado en aplicar a la Academia Jonas Bronck, es recomendable asistir a una Sesion informativa

Sesiones en Español

High School Info Session

English Sessions 

Sesiones en Español

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