School History

Jonas Bronck Academy was created in 1997 as a response to the rapid influx of students to Community School District 10. Concerned parents of The Bronx New School (P.S. 51) worked with Manhattan College faculty, the Department of Education, and local community officials to create a middle school on the campus of Manhattan College. In 2009, a new chapter began when the school relocated to the fourth and fifth floors of a state of the art two-story school.

Jonas Bronck was located on the first floor in seven rooms of Hayden Hall. It is currently located at 400 East Fordham Road. Jonas Bronck Academy opened its doors in 1997 with 72 students. The school was comprised of two sixth and one-seventh grade class. Presently, Jonas Bronck is the home to 270 students, called scholars, and a staff of 37 members. The 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students are grouped into three cohorts in grades 6th through 8. Student classes do not travel in cohorts, but according to individualized schedules to enhance their social and academic growth.

Jonas Bronck is a college preparatory school of choice. The mission of Jonas Bronck Academy is to shape an intimate, supportive, engaging school community-where parents are partners; where teachers inspire learning with passion and commitment; and where the staff models – and all the scholars develop and live – our core values of respect, perseverance, and integrity.

Jonas Bronck Academy will provide the academic and character-building skills our scholars need to graduate from leading colleges, to succeed in a competitive world, and to serve as the next generation of leaders of their communities. Our school vision is to “create an environment where scholars challenge, question, and learn to find answers”. In this environment, students feel safe, supported, and understand the importance of community.